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Gee! No evil!

Click here for details on "Gee! No Evil!"
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MAFIAAFIRE for Chrome!
(MAFIAAFire Redirector is now available for Chrome!)

A quick note about the Chrome version.
A quick note about DHS "requesting" Mozilla to go against it's values and trying to illegally censor MAFIAAFire.


40 thousand downloads and counting!

Yes! The stats are in and they have shattered our expectations!
This is NOT counting the downloads of the Chrome version that was released recently, 06May2011!!
(Sep update: The above stats are old, we have passed well above 180,000 downloads but just do not have time to update the above graphics)




[ 27.03.2011 ]

I get the idea to make the Redirector plugin but its late.

[ 28.03.2011 ]

I start learning how to make a FireFox plugin.

[ 29.03.2011 ]

I make a few beginner example plugins

[ 31.03.2011 ]

I start learning and working on the project at the same time... I have something that "kinda" works...

[ 01.04.2011 ]

Ah! Bing is redirecting to Google! (Neighbors hear the evil Muhahahaha laugh)
Beautiful woman comes for a quickie... "Begone woman! I am coding a new website!"
/Defends title of uber geek.

I register the MAFIAAFire domain.

The Sith MAFIAA lords feel a disturbance in the force...


Fire melts ice

If you just want the add-on(s) click here, or want to add your site click here, or want the full story; keep reading!

MAFIAAFire.com was started after we got tired of the corruption at the highest levels of the U.S government by umbrella organizations like the RIAA and MPAA (to name just two of hundreds).

"MAFIAA" came about from a pretty funny April fools joke (check out MAFIAA.org) which we took a piece of and put into our site. We added the "fire" because we were going up against ICE, the MAFIAA's newest bunch of hired goons... and fire melts ice!

We also wanted to be the fire under the MAFIAA. To us the MAFIAA is a disgusting "thing", and we wanted to kill it with fire... MAFIAAFire!

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BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously

To say that the MAFIAA (and their hired goons) have felt our heat would be putting it mildly. A quick search (on your favorite search engine) with the terms "mafiaafire dhs" will give you thousands of links as to how the MAFIAA and their shameless goons tried to illegally shut us down - and failed.

We followed up our hugely successful first addon with "Gee! No evil!" (a play on Google's famous mantra of "do no evil") to remind the big G! that censoring for the MAFIAA is not a good idea... and show the MAFIAA we are not a one trick pony but here for the long run... to throw as many monkey wrenches into their gears.

As soon as that addon was released we started work on our next release...


Just some updates!

We lost our last hosting and one of our domains (ILoveMafiaaFire.net) to a rogue host and did not have control of our own domains for a while and couldn't do updates or nearly anything else.

Sorry about that, but we ourselves were powerless to do anything about it.

Some things might be buggy or just not work, we would appreciate it if you could email us and tell us if you encounter any problems.

Sorry this page / site is so cluttered, we are programmers not designers.


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