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In the members area you confirm your site/s and add an alternative address to redirect to.
You decide if you want to start redirecting immediately or mark it as "inactive".
If your site gets censored later on, simply log back in, select "activate".
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You will get an email when your site goes live on the list, nothing before.

A few rules:

Only enter the top tier of your domain:
for example: not or or any other variatation
We have final say as to what domains are eligable: 'Medicine' and 'replica' sites are NOT eligible.
If you forgot to renew and someone else owns your domain - sorry but you're SOL.
Your site was seized and you have a mirror currently running - is the perfect candidate.
No kiddy porn sites - we will report you and help the authorities in any way we can.
Scammers don't bother - we will do a manual check before any site goes live on our list.
You are requried to prove you own a certain site, login to see how.
For sites already seized by ICE make an account and contact us.
This service is offered as is, we make no guarantees implied or otherwise.

You are responsibe for your own account,keep it safe, if it gets hacked your site can redirect to some other site. If that other site is a malware/porn site you will get on OUR blacklist which means you can never again add your site to our service.

More rules may be added above or edited in future, it is your responsibility to check this page often. Any questions? Contact us.


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