Site list!

These are the sites that the plug-in (currently) automatically redirects you to when you enter the address into your browser.
This list is mantained so you know exactly what you are getting.
For example:
Typing will automatically redirect you to
Typing won't get you redirected to :)

Site owners: Link back to us on your main pages, or instruct your users to download our plugin and we will display your logo + link to you on this page!

Please click here to see the latest list.

Site name (work in progress) Logo / direct link  
As more domains get seized this list will grow ;)
Some domains will be added by us, if you are the owner of a seized domain that we added; simply contact us and we will email you instructions on how you can control it via our members area (free)!
Off topic but relevant: Did you notice the donate link on the top left of this page? :D


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